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3D Printing: Discords & Reddit Communities

Last Updated: February 25th, 2023

Discord and Reddit are the two of the best places for finding 3D printer purchase advice, technical assistance, and inspiration. The 3D printing Discords are more ideal for quick questions and images, while the 3D printing Reddit communities are ideal for detailed posts.

Purchase guides like ours for FDM printers & resin printers are great for side-by-side comparisons but if you want a personalized recommendation it will be best to visit Discord or Reddit.

Reddit Communities to join for 3D Printing

Reddit is the perfect place to get inspiration on models to print, get technical assistance, and help others. You can browse and share images and videos of FDM and Resin prints on various subreddits. If you need technical assistance with your FDM or Resin printer then you can create a detailed post - from what we have seen, questions usually get responses within the hour.

3D printing news - r/3Dprinting (1.7m+ Members)

r/3Dprinting is the main subreddit you will want to join. Here you can chat about anything and everything 3D printing - this includes FDM and Resin. For more advanced and expensive technologies like SLS and CLIP it is best to join r/AdditiveManufacturing.

3D Resin Printing - r/resinprinting (40k+ Members)

r/resinprinting is the main subreddit you will want to join for discussing resin printers, types of resin, safety, ventilation, heating resin, hardware issues, and slicing tips.

Functional 3D Printing - r/functionalprint (390k+ Members)

r/functionalprint is the main subreddit you will want to join for checking out 3D prints that have a real world use case. This subreddit does not allow posts for "figurines, toys, vases, jewelry, lithophanes, or medical devices."

Additive Manufacturing - r/AdditiveManufacturing (10k+ Members)

r/AdditiveManufacturing is the main subreddit for professionals within the 3D printing. Posts in this subreddit focus more on 3D printing news, prosumer printers, and industrial equipment.

Print things for others - r/3Dprintmything (20k+ Members)

r/3Dprintmything is the main subreddit to join if you want to print parts for money or send a request for a part you can not make yourself.

3D Printing Miniatures - r/PrintedMinis (100k+ Members)

r/PrintedMinis is the main subreddit to join if you have a resin printer, want to find files, or are excited to show off your painted miniatures. There are quite a few other miniature-focused subreddits to explore.

Anycubic Photon - r/AnycubicPhoton (29k+ Members)

r/AnycubicPhoton is the main subreddit to join if you have an Anycubic resin printer - they do not allow other brands of resin printers to be discussed. Two of the prominent Anycubic resin printers are the Photon Mono and Photon Mono X.

Elegoo Mars - r/ElegooMars (23k+ Members)

r/ElegooMars is the main subreddit to join if you have an Elegoo resin printer - they do not allow other brands of resin printers to be discussed. Two of the prominent Elegoo resin printers are the Mars 2 and Saturn.

Phrozen - r/Phrozen (2k+ Members)

r/Phrozen is the main subreddit to join if you have an Phrozen resin printer. The low member count means low traffic, but this is still a good place to post if you are have any questions about your Phrozen printers. Phrozen actually has two of the most unique resin 3D printers at the moment. The Mega 8K is one of the largest MSLA printers on the market, and the Mini 8K has the highest MSLA XY-Resolution available.

All things Prusa - r/prusa3d (51k+ Members)

r/prusa3d is the main subreddit to join to discuss Prusa's 3D printers or their new website for STL files, PrusaPrinters. They actually just released a rewards system on PrusaPrinters where you can earn free filament or goodies. Prusa's small budget printer is the Prusa Mini, the gold-standard is the i3 MK3S+, and their new large CoreXY printer is the Prusa XL.

Ender 3 - r/ender3 (192k+ Members)

r/ender3 is the main subreddit to join if you just got an Ender 3 and need some help getting things running. If you are looking to purchase a beginners 3d printer then we recommend going for an Artillery Genius or Prusa Mini. Both of these printers have better quality control, more capability, and a higher reliability - the price tags are higher but they are an ideal long-term choice.

Discord Servers to join for 3D Printing

From what we have noticed, the 3D printing discord servers are primarily used for getting technical assistance, general questions, and giveaways. You can easily post pictures with questions, and you can usually expect a response in less than 10 minutes. This is largely due to the instant messaging format, the fact that people have discord open on their desktop, and the discord app is easy to use on mobile devices.

If you are the owner of a 3D printing discord server and we missed you, please contact us to get added.

3D Printing - Discord Link

This is the largest discord and it focuses primarily on FDM.

Resin Printing - Discord Link

This is a Resin-focused discord.

Lychee Slicer - Discord Link

This is a developer operated discord for the Lychee Slicer.

Siraya Tech Resin - Discord Link

This is a company operated discord for the Siraya Tech resin brand.

Voron Design - Discord Link

This is the community discord for the DIY Voron FDM printers.

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