About 4D Filtration

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Founded with the goal of creating an open-access fume extractor designed for 3D printing, 4D Filtration is pushing beyond its origins to promote awareness and provide solutions in the additive manufacturing industry.

4D Filtration currently provides a selection of products, open-access files, printing on-demand services, technical assistance, and resources that are backed by science journals and textbooks.

A primary focus of ours is the development of a system that can safely eliminate VOCs at a near 100% effectiveness in a single pass.


Chat3D Example

Chat3D is a troubleshooting chatbot for 3D printing users. The development goal was to provide an alternative to search engines and reddit for answering FAQ, comparing technical data, and finding printing inspiration.

The tool operates using Azure OpenAI services, providing a tailored experience by referencing a database and a custom system message.


Double click or tap to go full screen, pan around 360°, and select the outlined items to learn more.