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Supplied Air Respirators for Resin Printing, Painting, and Soldering

byAris AlderLast Updated: January 17th, 2024

About the AuthorAris Alder

Aris Alder is a mechanical engineer with experience in the aerospace industry, 3D printing and indoor air quality. Aris Alder is a lead writer and video producer with 4D Filtration.

Respirators are highly recommended for hobbies like resin printing, painting, soldering, welding, and more. Supplied Air Respirators provide a higher factor of safety than half-mask cartridge respirators.

An official and certifiable 3M Supplied Air Respirator (SAR) system will start around $4,000 for the air compressor, 240 V connection, airline filters, airline hose, regulating valve, breathing tube, and headpiece. This is the level of entry for a High-Pressure Supplied Air Respirator, but most industrial systems will be in the tens of thousands of dollars.

However, we can DIY a Low-Pressure Supplied Air Respirator for under $150. This is still an investment for hobbyists, but it will be safer and cheaper long-term compared to cartridge respirators.

3M Headpiece - Headcover, Hood, or Helmet

The S-133S Headcover is recommended for most users

S-133S Headcover



S-133S Headcover

S-433 Hood


Splash Protection

S-433 Hood

M-206 Helmet


Hard Hat & Earmuffs

M-206 Helmet

Centrifugal Inline Blower Fan

A centrifugal fan can deliver more pressure than axial or mixed-flow

  • The fan should be placed outside or connected to additional duct retrieving clean outdoor air.
  • It is a best practice to use a MERV 13 or HEPA filter on the intake of the fan.
  • Fan Filter Mount STL on Printables

Centrifugal Inline Fan

(15% Off)
4-inch, 203CFM, 59W

Low Pressure Supplied Air Respirator Fan

MERV 13 Filter


MERV 13 Filter
4D FiltrationeBay

HEPA 13 Filter


HEPA 13 Filter
4D FiltrationeBay

4-inch Airline Polyethylene Duct

This lightweight duct can be used as an airline for dozens of feet

  • This duct is 4 mil in thickness, so it is easy to puncture and kink, but this lightweight duct is easy to maneuver. Thicker duct can be used but it will be more expensive.
  • Vinyl duct is not recommended due to the weight being able to pull backwards on the headpiece.
  • Fan-Duct Spacer STL on Printables

4-inch 4mil Duct


25-500 ft

4 inch 4mil polyethylene airline duct

4-inch Hoseclamps



Thumbscrew Hoseclamps

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