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3D Printing Promo Codes

Last Updated: November 14th, 2023

This page is a collection of promo codes and discounts related to 3D Printing and engineering. All of these links support the resources here and the videos on YouTube.

The promotions with codes listed need to be enter manually, while the links without codes are auto-applied or are an exclusive affiliate discount through the manufacturer.

Amazon codes, like the one from 3D Materials, are renewed monthly. If it is ever down, just message us on discord, and we will work to get it back up.

General Promos

    Resin Promos

    FDM Promos

    Ultimate Resin Guide - compare resin printers, resin material, and equipment

    Preparing for Resin Printing - setting up an enclosure, heating, ventilation, filtration, and cleaning equipment

    FDM Printers Guide - comparison table and top picks for filament printers

    Resin Properties or Filament Properties - comparison table and top picks for materials