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Promethean Air Cleaner

Designed For & Made With 3D Printing

The Promethean air cleaner uses a MERV 13 filter and activated carbon to capture nanoplastics and mitigate resin fumes.

Place the air cleaner adjacent to a printer or attach duct to use as a fume extractor for an enclosure. Works with filament, resin, and everyday uses.

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Promethean Air Cleaner
Activated Carbon

Vacuum-Sealed Activated Carbon

Low-Dust Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

Our activated carbon is put through a sieve to mitigate undersized pieces and vacuum-sealed to ensure purity for your application.

Use activated carbon with any air cleaner to mitigate VOCs from filament or resin, soldering fumes, cigarette smoke, cannabis smoke, forest fire smoke, cleaning chemicals, and more.