Promethean Air Cleaner & Fume Extractor for 3D Printing
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Promethean - 3D Printing Fume Extractor

  • MERV 13 filter for capturing particulates
  • Activated carbon for adsorbing VOCs
  • Can be used as a small room air cleaner or fume extractor with provided the duct
  • PWM module for full speed control
  • Made in the USA with US and foreign components
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  • Whole-room solution & fume extraction
  • High face velocity ensures fume & particulate capture
  • Magnetic locking lid with optional screw secure
  • Modular layout for up to 3 filters
  • Can be used with multiple printers
  • Low energy footprint


  • PWM module for full speed control
  • 120mm fan and AC-DC adapter
  • Reusable cartridge preloaded with carbon
  • MERV 13 filter and activated carbon set
  • Entrance and exit grates
  • Duct hose and adapters


Free Flow Rate27-56 cfm
MERV 13 Filtration Rate14-36 cfm
MERV 13 + Carbon Rate10-21 cfm
Grate Face Velocity50-170 fpm
Duct Face Velocity115-415 fpm
Sound Level @ 1m (3ft)41-68 dB
Sound Level @ 3m (9ft)
38-64 dB
Dimensions8.8x6.6x6.3 in
Supply Voltage12 V
Power Consumption2.6-18.4 W

Parts List

120mm Fan + PWM Controller1
24 W AC-DC Adapter1
MERV 13 Filter1
Carbon Cartridge (preloaded)1
Activated Carbon (preloaded)~230 g
Flexible Duct Hose8 ft
Duct Adapters (x2 unit and external)4
Zip Ties3
Misc. Parts Bag1

Promethean FAQ

We initially used a complex resin cartridge in order to maximize efficiency, but it is difficult to properly process a large quantity of the resin cartridges.

Now the cartridge is 100% PLA, which allows more people to print it, reduces our lead times, and decreases our costs. In turn, we will start supplying every unit with 8 feet of duct and an extra set of duct adapters.

Typically, resin printers are placed in an enclosure, such as a grow tent. The enclosure's purpose is to keep heat in and allow for efficient ventilation. Ventilation is the priority for resin printers, and filtration acts as a secondary defense.

The Promethean air cleaner can be placed inside the enclosure to provide fume mitigation, or it can be hooked up externally with duct to extract fumes leaving the enclosure.

The Promethean air cleaner can be placed adjacent to the printer, inside an enclosure, or hooked up to an enclosure as a fume extractor using duct. The unit is versatile and comes with duct and adapters so you could accomplish any of these right away.

While having it right next to the printer will work, using an enclosure is always more efficient in capturing particulates & VOCs plus it has the added benefit of keeping in heat that will help prevent prints from warping.

Yes, any air cleaner will not be able to capture all of the fumes generated from resin. Thus, it is highly recommended to place the priority on ventilation and use filtration as a secondary defense.

It is recommended to replace the MERV 13 filter every 2-3 months. The activated carbon should be replaced every 2-3 months. For high-demand applications, the carbon should be replaced upon the reemergence of odors as the lifetime is highly dependent on filament/resin/print settings/concentrations.

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