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Original Prusa XL: Pre-Order, Price, Size, & Features

Last Updated: November 24th, 2023

The Prusa XL is now shipping!

The Prusa XL is the new feature-packed CoreXY printer from Prusa. Pre-orders opened for the Prusa XL printer on November 18, 2021, and units have begun shipping on March 13, 2023. This is nearly 9 months past the original estimation.

Pre-orders placed now will ship in Q2 of 2024.

The delay of production for the Prusa XL is largely due to the lack of genuine components, an issue that many manufacturers around the world are experiencing.

The price ranges from $2,000 for the single extruder kit, to $4,000 for the pre-assembled variant with five extruders. There are plenty of details missing for the printer that should be released as the Prusa XL approaches its final configuration - we will update this article as information is made available.

If you have already purchased a single tool head Prusa XL and want to change your order to multiple tool heads, wait until Prusa notifies you.

We should have our Prusa XL within the next month, then we can start on a review.

The Prusa XL and MK4 are directly competing with Bambu printers. To find out some of the basic differences, check out Prusa vs Bambu.

Prusa XL

$1,999+ ($200 Pre-Order)

Assembly: Partial or Fully
Extruder: Direct Drive
Auto-Leveling: Yes
Max Nozzle Temp: 300°C
Max Bed Temp: 100°C
Print Volume: 360mm (L) 360mm (W) 360mm (H)

Prusa XL FDM Printer

Photo credits: (c) Prusa Research -

Prusa XL Build Volume

3D Printing Community Thoughts on the Prusa XL

Nearly a quarter of the users surveyed on Reddit have already pre-ordered a Prusa XL for themselves, while another 36% of users may purchase one in the future. The top three factors for delaying a pre-order could be the long wait time, budget constraints, or application requirements.

The price tag is likely the main issue, and this is highlighted by the 39% of users that say the printer is too expensive for them - FDM printers like the Artillery Sidewinder or Sovol SV03 are only $400 and only have a slightly smaller build volume.

Sample Size = 114

What's New

  • The Prusa XL's most obvious feature is the CoreXY build volume of 360 x 360 x 360 mm.
  • Prusa introduces segmented heatbed modules reduce warping and power consumption.
  • The Prusa XL can be equipped with up to 5 independent extruders that automatically swap and calibrate during printing.
  • First layer calibration is completed with the nozzle itself and an embedded strain gauge in the heatsink. No more manual calibrations or leveling!
  • The Prusa XL printer can come with a built-in draft shield or enclosure for printing higher-end materials.
Prusa Connect

Prusa Connect: Network Connectivity for the Prusa XL

The Prusa XL through its ethernet port will be able to connect to the internet, where you can start prints, make modifications on the go, and monitor metrics.

Prusa XL Calibration and Leveling

Automated First Layer Calibration and Leveling

The Prusa XL tool heads come equipped with an internal strain gauge that can measure forces acting on the nozzle. This allows the printer to calibrate and level using only the nozzle.

Prusa XL RGB Lighting

Prusa XL's RGB Lighting

The Prusa XL comes equipped with 'smart' LED lights that you customize to your liking. These will be super useful when interacting with the printer, and they can add some style to your workspace.

Prusa XL Pre-Order

  • The $200 deposit can be refunded at any point, so long as your printer has not shipped yet. The refund can take up to 14 businesses days via your original payment method, or you can choose to have it converted to a voucher for the Prusa store.
  • When your printer goes to ship, you will have the opportunity to edit your order. Expect there to be a few additions to choose from such as an enclosure and various accessories.
Prusa XL Nozzle

Prusa XL Price

  • The cheapest variant of the printer is $2,000 for the kit with a single tool head.
  • Upgrading to handle two tool heads will be $2,500.
  • The highest kit price is $3,500 with five tool heads.
  • Upgrading the kit to the pre-assembled version costs an extra $500, regardless of the tool head count.
Prusa XL Tool Heads

Prusa XL Specifications

  • Build Volume: 360 x 360 x 360 mm
  • Max Nozzle Temperature: TBA
  • Max Bed Temperature: ≈100°C
  • Print Bed: Magnetic PEI Spring Steel Sheet
  • Bed Leveling: Mesh Bed Leveling via Nozzle and Strain Gauge
  • Network Connectivity: Ethernet Port [and surely a SD card slot]
  • Power Consumption: TBA
  • Printer Dimensions: 804 x 535 x 660 mm (including spool holders)
  • Weight: TBA
Prusa XL Segmented Bed

Prusa XL Pros

  • Wide array of quality of life features that simplify the printing experience even further.
  • Ability to seamlessly use multiple materials, colors, or nozzle sizes during a single print job.

Prusa XL Cons

  • The price tag can be a big dissuasion, but this will do little to deter motivated individuals or businesses looking for a reliable large-format printer.
  • Engineering materials like ASA or PC will still be vulnerable to warping and layers separating if the Prusa XL is without an insulated enclosure or dedicated heat source - this will be especially true if the printer only has the draft shield.

Final Thoughts

The Prusa XL is going to be a very valuable asset to businesses and individuals with splash cash. All of the quality of life features being added will make FDM printing easier and more reliable than ever. Hopefully, these improvements will spread to the MK3S, Mini, and other printers on the market.

While the XL may be a very commanding tool in the toolbox, it is not the best printer to do every job. It will be able to excel at printing larger parts and those requiring multiple materials. Higher-end materials can still be completed with a MK3S, Mini, or heated chamber printer. High-detail, batch printing, complex geometry, casting, high temperature, and even some flexible parts will usually be best left to resin printers.

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