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PP Filament: Brands, Prices & Properties

Last Updated: December 17th, 2021

This page summarizes the properties and prices for various brands of PP filament in an interactive table; some top picks are featured. Since data may be approximated for simplification, always check the manufacturer site for detailed and up to date specifications. Prices are adjusted to reflect the cost per kilogram since some filaments are sold fractionally.

Filament Directory

Brand Name Made In Price Extruder Bed Diameter Tolerance HDT Tensile Modulus Tensile Strength Fracture Elongation Link 1 Link 2
3DXTech PP USA $110 225°C 75°C ±0.05 mm 94°C 1650 38 13% 3DXTech
3DXTech Carbon Fiber USA $100 235°C 60°C ±0.05 mm 124°C 6150 78 1.5% 3DXTech
3DXTech Glass Fiber USA $100 255°C 95°C ±0.05 mm 139°C 6750 65 1.7% 3DXTech
Formfutura PP Netherlands $80 230°C 65°C ±0.05 mm 400 12 Amazon Formfutura
Formfutura PP-HGS25 Netherlands $90 230°C 65°C ±0.05 mm 600 12 25% Formfutura
Fiberlogy PP Poland $50 235°C 60°C ±0.02 mm 65°C 900 15 30% 3D Jake Fiberlogy
Fillamentum PP Czechia $85 235°C 95°C ±0.07 mm 1400 23 20% Fillamentum
Ultimaker PP Netherlands $100 215°C 90°C ±0.07 mm 200 9 18% Ultimaker
Infinite PP USA $220 235°C 50°C ±0.05 mm 100 3 5% Infinite
Ultrafuse PP Netherlands $75 230°C 70°C ±0.05 mm 54°C 450 10 8% Ultrafuse
Owens Corning Glass Fiber USA $160 250°C 95°C ±0.05 mm 120°C 6500 60 1.6% Filaments CA Matterhackers
Verbatim PP $80 240°C 80°C ±0.05 mm 400 14 3D Jake
Brand Name Made In Price ($/kg) Extruder (°C) Bed (°C) Diameter Tolerance (±mm) HDT (°C) Tensile Modulus (MPa) Tensile Strength (MPa) Fracture Elongation Link 1 Link 2

CF: Carbon Fiber, ESD: Electrostatic Discharge safe, GF: Glass Fiber, FR: Flame Retardant

HDT (Heat Deflection Temperature): Test bar deflection of 0.01" (0.25 mm) with a load of 0.46 MPa (66 psi)

Modulus: MPa 

Tensile Strength: MPa

Fracture Elongation: Percent change in length at the point of failure under the tensile load

flexural modulus
Flexural Modulus
tensile modulus
Tensile Modulus

The modulus is a measure of the stiffness of a material; higher values will result in a stiffer object. Flexural is the measure against bending, whereas tensile is the measure against compression or tension. The strength is the measure of pressure (distributed force) the part can withstand before failure.

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