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Eryone Filament Review: Galaxy Black PLA

Last Updated: January 20th, 2022

On our search for alternatives to Prusament Galaxy Black PLA, one of the brands we have trialed is Eryone. So far it is proving to be an affordable option and comparable to Hatchbox's quality. We will update this article as we obtain more data, such as material properties and print examples.

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Eryone PLA


Amount: 1kg
Tolerance: 0.03mm
Print Temperature: 190-220°C

Eryone PLA

Eryone vs Prusament Galaxy Black PLA

The very first thing we noticed is that the Eryone filament is pigmented a dark grey. The Prusament has better contrast and less stringing.

Eryone vs Prusament Quality

Eryone Shipping, Packaging & Labeling

The shipping was free and took about a week to arrive. Considering that it was over the holidays, a week is pretty acceptable.

It looks like Eryone did have a 0.05 mm tolerance on this PLA according to their online pictures, but the current spools are 0.03mm. Their recommended print temperature range is the typical 190-220°C.

Eryone packaging of spool

Eryone Filament Tolerance

The filament's diameter falls within tolerance - several measurements along the spool fell between 1.75-1.78 mm.

Eryone filament tolerance

Print Temperatures for Eryone vs Prusament

The temperature towers present another good comparison for the color difference. It is difficult to tell that the color is a dark grey unless it is directly compared to a black print.

The ideal temperature for the Eryone Galaxy Black PLA on our Prusa MK3S at ≈20°C ambient is ~210°C, whereas on the Prusament we would run ~215°C. We like running our filament as hot as possible.

Eryone temp towerPrusament temp tower

Final Thoughts

So far the Eryone filament is working fine, and there is very little difference between it and Prusament. The roll price was $27 with free shipping, which is about $10 cheaper than Prusament PLA. Hatchbox PLA is usually $20-25 so this is a good alternative if they are out of stock.

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