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Anycubic Resin: Types, Prices & Properties

Last Updated: November 22nd, 2023

Anycubic produces budget, durable, plant-based, water-washable, casting, and dental model resin. They do not produce strong, flexible, high-temperature, or ceramic resins.

Anycubic resin is pretty affordable and widely available, but it is not necessarily the best resin you can buy - check out 10 resins that are excellent to start with.

If you would like to browse resins in a filterable table then head over to resin properties. We also offer a resin settings table with user submissions.

Table of Contents

1. Anycubic Colored UV Resin

Anycubic's standard resin is widely available and affordable

Anycubic's standard resin is widely available and affordable. Thus, it is a good starter resin but certainly not the best you can buy. Like most budget resin, it is pretty brittle and nothing about it really stands out.

As an alternative, SuperFast by 3D Materials is one of the best starter resins. It is $30 per kilogram and it has one of the lowest layer cure times of any MSLA resin.

Anycubic - Standard


Amount: 1kg (0.9 liter)

Break Elongation: 14.2%

Tensile Strength: 23.4MPa

Anycubic Standard

2. Anycubic Craftsman Resin

Craftsman is Anycubic's premium resin for enhanced properties & surface quality

Anycubic's Craftsman resin has better properties than most budget resins, but the imprecise material data leads us not to recommend this resin for any industrial or mechanical purposes. Resins like Sculpt or Pro410 should be more reliable on that front. This resin would be ideal for mixing with a flexible resin in order to have durable miniatures.

As of February 2023, it looks like the Craftsman resin has been discontinued.

3. Anycubic Flexible Tough Resin

Flexible Tough is durable resin that is perfect for impact-resistance

Anycubic's Flexible Tough is a durable resin that is perfect for miniatures and game pieces that are consistently handled. The impact resistance provided by durable resin ensures that the prints will not break if dropped or bent.

Anycubic - Tough


Amount: 1kg (0.9 liter)

Break Elongation: 40%

Tensile Strength: 55MPa

Anycubic Flexible Tough

4. Anycubic Plant-Based Resin

Anycubic's Plant-Based resin is made of ≈45% epoxidized soybean oil

Anycubic's Plant-Based resin is ≈45% epoxidized soybean oil, which is not too far removed from the plant itself. However, the other 55% of this resin contains chemicals like Isooctyl acrylate and Dimtrimethylolpropane tetraacrylate, so this should be treated like any other resin or industrial chemical.

Anycubic - Plant-Based

Amount: 1kg (0.9 liter)

Anycubic Eco Resin

5. Anycubic Water-Washable Resin

Water-washable resin is easier to clean but is susceptible to moisture & prone to cracking

Water-washable resin is more beginner-friendly in the sense that it can be easily cleaned, but IPA or Meangreen will still be better than water. The downside to using water is that it can be difficult to evaporate the contaminated water.

With water-washable resin, you have to make sure to remove all the moisture out of the print after cleaning - this is easily done with a heat gun or hair dryer. If these prints still have moisture then they are prone to cracking over time, especially if they are hollow with uncured resin on the inside.

Anycubic - Water-Washable


Amount: 1kg (0.9 liter)

Anycubic Water Washable

6. Anycubic DLP Craftsman Resin

DLP Craftsman resin was designed specifically for DLP printers, specifically the Photon Ultra

DLP resin printers, like the Photon Ultra, are still new to the consumer market - most DLP machines are industrial printers. The DLP printers can still use any MSLA resin, but that doesn't stop the companies like Anycubic from optimizing some of their popular resin to DLP printers.

Anycubic - DLP Craftsman


Amount: 1kg (0.9 liter)

Anycubic DLP Craftsman

7. Anycubic Casting Resin

Casting resin is ideal for making jewelry & complex molds

Castable resin is primarily used as a means to an end in order to produce custom jewelry and metal works of engineering/art. The castable resin takes the shape of the final product and is used to create a sand cast mold. It is burnt out to leave a cavity where the molten metal can be poured.

As of February 2023, it looks like the casting resin has been discontinued.

8. Anycubic Dental Resin

Dental resin is ideal for diagnostic & restorative models

Cheaper dental resin in the customer market is not meant for medical devices; instead, these resins are used for models and molds. The model-focused dental resins are useful for aligners, retainers, implants, crowns, diagnostics, and visually communicating with patients.

As of February 2023, it looks like the dental resin has been discontinued.

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