P Mini Air Cleaner

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P Mini Air Cleaner

P Mini


  • Activated carbon for mitigating fumes inside a resin printer cover
  • Printable on the smallest of resin printers
  • Uses a <1 W, 40 x 10 mm blower fan
  • Charge lasts up to 36 hours with recommended battery pack
Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon


  • Low-dust coconut shell granules
  • Manufactured in a NSF/ANSI certified plant
  • Nominal mesh size: 4 x 8
  • Vacuum-sealed to ensure purity
  • 100 g is two refills for P Mini
  • 300 g is one refill for Promethean
Activated Carbon Info
Activated Carbon Page
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P Mini fan and carbon
P Mini fan and battery pack
Activated carbon for resin printers
air filter in resin printer


Fan Voltage 5 V
Fan Current 0.14 A
Power Consumption 0.7 W
Battery Capacity 5,000 mAh
Operating Time (Max Battery Charge) 36 Hours
Dimensions 53x53x113 mm
Dimensions (With Battery, No USB) 53x53x133 mm
Carbon Capacity
50 g

*Specs based off the recommend setup of the 5 VDC blower and the battery pack

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P Mini FAQ

The P Mini can only be printed with resin due to the geometry. With enough interest, we may release a FDM-printable variant.

Absolutely! Just remember that only VOCs are reduced and not particulates, and as with the resin printers, it is ideal to place the P Mini inside an enclosure/lid. 

Yes, any air cleaner will not be able to capture all of the fumes generated from resin. The P Mini exists as a tool to mitigate the fumes generated at the source.